Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Tea Party Rocks the Nation.

In tonight's GOP primaries the Tea Party proved two things....The first thing is that the nation is tired of "business as usual" GOP Establishment Candidates. And number two, with the help of Republican Big Mouth Karl Rove and the The Delaware Republican Party's little temper tantrum, the Tea Party Express proved once and for all that the Tea Party Movement IS NOT the GOP is disguise. The Delaware primary was a blow-out victory for the Tea Party backed candidate, Christine O’Donnell, over the Republican Party candidates and Tea Party backed candidate for Governor of NY, Carl Paladino, won an upset victory over GOP backed candidate Rick Lazio.

And now the GOP establishment, complete with Karl "Has-Been" Rove (he's 0 for 2 in the last two elections), are gonna take their toys to another sandbox because they didn't get their way...just like a bunch of nine year old Momma's Boys...Pathetic.

Congratulations to MS. O'Donnell  and Mr. Paladino.  They have an uphill climb ahead, against the Democrat establishment, but the Tea Party has the momentum.

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