Friday, September 10, 2010

Burning the Koran...Do Terrorists Run Our Country Now?

Rev. Terry Jones and his 50 member Dove World Outreach church want to burn Korans in protest of the Cordoba House Mosque and community what? Who cares? Right? I think most "SANE" people see this for what it is...a purely ignorant and self-serving act not worth the time to read about but certainly an act of protest protected under the First Amendment of the Constitution. He has the right to be a dumb-ass and his followers have a right to follow a dumb-ass.

But what started out as a protest and publicity stunt not worth mentioning has turned into an international incident and a serious threat to our national security, the security of other countries, and our men and women fighting over in the sand box. So what did the good Rev do?...He pulled his head out of his arse, lied to save face, and canceled the party! Problem solved right? Ummmm...nope...I think there are more than a few issues left to address here...Like these:

Issue One: Why was the media even covering this? I really can't decide who is more ignorant...Terry Jones or the media for covering's a toss-up, I think! When I was a kid we used to make fun of "The National Enquirer" now it seems that sort of sensationalism is all that the news media is capable of producing. Of course, it could have just been a slow news day and they had nothing else to do. Good job created the environment for an international incident and endangered lives by pushing a sensationalist, political, agenda.

Issue Two: Why have we allowed terrorist religious leaders, terrorist governments, and terrorist people to Dictate To Us what we do in our own country? So let me get this straight...the Muslim people all over the world are pissed off because some fool plans on burning books...they threaten to behead innocent people, burn American flags, and commit other wide-spread acts of terrorism... and the best we as a nation can do is lay down because we are afraid they might actually do it? What? Why? When did we as a nation get so weak minded? Sure, what this guy wants to do is stupid, but it is his right to do it. We have men and women all over the world who are fighting right now to protect that right. If we lay down on this we have made what they, and those who served before them, do worthless. If we lay down now the terrorists won on 9-11 and we might as well enact Sharia Law now!

Issue Three: Why has our government...once again...sided with the terrorists? What about defending The Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic? What about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Does that only count if it doesn't piss off other countries, groups, and organizations? Who's side are you on, Mr. President? How about backing up the American people for a change, Mrs. Clinton. How about supporting our rights ahead of the rights of non-Americans, Mr. Holder. I guess it's up to us (The American People) to defend ourselves now. Good thing we have the right to keep and bear arms.

What started out as a bunch of nut-jobs protesting has now turned into a threat to our national security and national sovereignty. We have to decide, as a nation, if the rights guaranteed to us by The U.S. Constitution  are truly worth standing up for. I think the media should examine itself and start being responsible. I think the government should be careful not to become the enemy of the people. And I think We The People should reassert our authority and sovereignty once again. But that's just me! 

In case ya want one of your very own to read...or burn!

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  1. I agree! I don't understand why the media even gave this idiot the air time! Thanks a lot, CNN and other news networks, for endangering our country's security by giving this the air time. Unbelievable!!!!


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