Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Restoring America’s Honor: Glenn Beck and Al Sharpton

A lot has been said about the dueling rallies on 8-28-2010. 47 years after Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I Have A Dream” speech two men came to Washington DC with very different messages. Both men, surrounded by their followers, gave passionate speeches and presented their arguments that would lead men and women in two very different directions.

But to what end? For what purpose did they come? Would they help restore our nation’s honor and help correct the direction of the country as they claimed they would? What occurred that day was a true representation of the attitudes and actions that have tarnished our country and made some question if our nation could continue versus the attitudes and actions that will lead us back to the true meaning of being an American.

In my very humble opinion, after listening carefully to both men, I am equally stunned by each man’s message.

The expectations were that Mr. Beck would make a mockery of the day at worst, and embarrass himself and his viewers at best. Nothing could have been further from the truth. He spoke of faith, hope, and charity…he raised up our Military and placed them firmly back on the pedestal that they were once knocked from by those who hate what we as a nation stand for. He spoke of returning to the things that made this nation great. He spoke of our heroes and urged us to look inside ourselves and look to God to find our strength to become what we are destined to be…a Great Nation and a Great People. And as I watched him speak, tears running down my face, I realized that it did not matter what was in his heart on that day…WHAT MATTERED WAS WHAT WAS IN MY HEART THAT DAY… God bless America and God bless Glenn Beck for restoring my heart.

Mr. Sharpton’s message that day evoked far different emotions in my heart. He spoke of things that divide us as a nation. He spoke of inequality, he mocked the other rally, and he held up racially motivated individuals who promoted hatred and death as if they are something to be proud of... as if they were GREAT AMERICANS. He talked of excluding others from the dream. He spoke of his and his followers’ right to posses the dream alone and not letting “THEM” have this day. In my heart I felt anger and rage. In my heart I came face to face with the true destructive power in this country. However, as rage subsided, and emotions gave way to reason, I saw clearly once again. I hope that one day God will soften and humble Mr. Sharpton’s heart and he can be the leader his followers need him to be. And I hope one day we can all share, together as one people, the honor of restoring honor to American.

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