Tuesday, September 7, 2010

No more stimulus for me please... I'm broke!

The details of President Obama's Second Economic Stimulus Plan.. In an effort to shore up crumbling support for the Democratic party, before the mid-term elections, the President has proposed a Permanent $100 Billion Dollar Business Tax Credit for research and development of new technology and an additional $50 Billion Dollar Infrastructure Program to expand and repair roads, railways, and runways that includes the creation of an "Infrastructure Bank" to administer the funds. This is supposed to create jobs and jump start the economy!

OK...I once heard someone say that the definition of "STUPIDITY" was doing the same dumb thing over and over again... while expecting a different result each time. News Flash Mr. President....IF YOU GIVE MONEY TO BIG BUSINESS...THEY WILL KEEP IT!!! It doesn't stimulate the economy...it doesn't create jobs...the money goes directly to the Corporate Bottom line or into some CEO's back pocket. Seriously?...Didn't you learn anything from the the bailouts, TARP, or The First Stimulus Package?

I will refrain from cussing a blue streak right now because I am trying to run a professional blog here...but if Mr. Obama can't learn from his own mistakes he isn't even qualified to run a fast food joint...let alone the whole United States. I give up on this guy...NEXT IDIOT PLEASE!!!!

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