Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reality Check: A second American Revolution??? (Part Three)

In the second part of this series we explored the question "Are they listening and came to the conclusion that they are not listening.

We have concluded that the Constitution dictates the powers of the Federal Government and that those powers have been overstepped.  We have also concluded the Constitution tells the Federal Government that WE THE PEOPLE can protest and petition Congress for redress of our grievances....and we have. But what do we do if they refuse to listen? What power, short of revolution, do we have to stop them?

Once again the Constitution comes through for us. In it we find that we have the power to replace those who fail to meet our standards by voting them out of office. And that is exactly what we did in 2008...we elected Barack Obama to be our president based on his promise to bring hope that everything was going to be alright and his promise to change the way the government ran. We decided to put the Democrat Party into power because the Republicans had beat us into the ground for eight years and we wanted it to stop. So far it is not looking too good. Not only did it not stop, the democrats got an even bigger hammer and pounded us even harder.

So now what can we do? In November we will try the Republicans again...we will give them another chance to prove that our government will do right by the American People. They need to prove that they are listening. We don't want unsecured borders...we don't want Bail-Outs and Stimulus programs for big business and banks while we lose our homes and jobs...we don't want our privacy violated or our rights taken away in the name of National Security anymore...we don't want them to take control of, and regulate, the internet...we don't want any more war...all we want you to do is secure the borders, defend our country, make sure our money is secure, and make sure we are seen, by the rest of the world, as the peaceful hardworking nation we are... Instead of the hateful warmongers you make us out to be. All you have to do is be in it for the People (ALL of the people, not just SOME of the people) instead of Big Business, Banks and the U.N.

If the Republicans succeed, they can save us all from another bloody American Revolution. If they fail, the People's options become really limited...really fast. When we compare what we have for Government Now to the Government of England in 1776 and can't see a reasonable difference...we have reached the point that it will be time to throw off the chains of a tyrannical government and replace it with one of our own.  And just knowing THAT should bring the Pucker Factor to Full Squeeze for the entire nation. If they fail, I fear we will run out of time, patience, and options. At that point we will just be waiting for the first shot to be fired. And that scares me.


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