Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Roots of Neo-Conservatism

The fundamental theory that the Neo-Conservative movement is built around, the Theory of Permanent War, was developed by noted Russian Marxist Leon Trotsky to define and explain the strategy of the Russian Revolution. According to Trotsky's theory once the revolution was complete the revolutionary movement would continue by promoting the revolution of the movement into other nations and this would start a never ending world revolution. This two stage revolution was further developed by the Menshevics and became the strategy of the Russian Revolution under Lenin. Organize the lower classes into a revolution and once the revolution was complete in the home country, continue the revolution throughout the world. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Our founding fathers put measures into The U.S. Constitution that would have prevented this kind of movement from occurring in the United States...If we had listened to their advise and followed the supreme law of the land. The Constitution requires "The Congress" to declare war but the War Powers Resolution of 1973 gave the President the Authority to engage in war without the consent of congress for a limited time. With this kind of power it is possible for one political party to keep the United States engaged in perpetual war without the approval of congress. Sound familiar?

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