Thursday, September 2, 2010

Anonymous: Brilliant Geeks or Enemy of the State ?

While researching for an article I am planning to write, I was reading through a report on domestic terrorism in America and I came across an interesting group listed as a domestic terrorist group. Their name is "Anonymous" and their tag line is "We are Anonymous, We are Many, We are Legion, We Do Not Forgive, We Do Not Forget, Expect us." This is a group of internet geeks, and I call them "Geeks" with the utmost respect, that is not real happy with The Church of Scientology. For the past few years they have picketed and spoken out against Scientology. They may have even orchestrated a DDoS attack against their e-mail server. It seems their biggest adventure was a DDoS attack called "Operation Titstorm" targeting the e-mail servers of the Australian Government for censoring the internet by flooding it with porn e-mails until it shut down. Ummm....that's some funny stuff ya'll...but they got their point across.

My question is this...Are they Dangerous Domestic Terrorists?...Or some really clever folks who found an innovative and effective new way to protest. I personally think they are brilliant and have never hurt anyone, but apparently Big Brother doesn't like them using the internet for a little mischievous fun and games. I think it might be time for some folks in the government to stop taking themselves so damned serious! Really?...Seriously?... This is all it takes to become an Enemy of the State now? Gimme a break!

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